What is Human Design? Understanding Your Energy Type // In this video I talk all about what I learned in Human Design and how it's a fun perspective of looking at how energy is exchanged person to person and a small way of how we can see one another differently You can check out Jenna Zoe for more information here: @jennazoedaily insta www.jennazoe.com website + body graph chart to find your design is on her site!

Experience Growth + Own Your Shit // The first video I actually recorded! So excited to be launching this channel. In this one I talk all about the work I was discovering through therapy and Lacy Phillips Shadow UNBLOCKED workshop and what I learned. Growth is so many layers but we all do it and we all evolve and do everyday.

How to Find Forgiveness // In this video I talk about how in my healing journey I learned to first and foremost understand that forgiveness starts within yourself. It was my biggest lesson in learning to let go of situations and people that have hurt me, including my family.

Find Yourself Through Meditation //In this video you'll learn how meditation has helped ground me and help me discover parts of myself I thought I lost. I talk about my own journey with meditation and how it provides clarity in all aspects of my life, how it has helped me connect to my soul deeper than I could have imagined.

Stop Your Comparison Ego // In this video I talk all about comparing yourself to others. Let's be honest we all do it! I catch myself all the time. With the social media age we can't help but think how little we have when you see someone else with more.

Hello!! Welcome to my channel. Here you will find me talking all things mindful living, my lessons i've learned in my life thus far, travel content, and more. I'm into all things spiritual, wellness, and living a healthy lifestyle.