Hello, call me Shay!

Welcome to my blog! 

I want to start by saying thanks for being here. It means everything to me knowing that this space is being seen in some way.

It’s my intention that this space is fun, creative, real, raw, honest, useful, educational, and relatable. When I think about how I envision what Life with Shay will be, I think of it as my way to share everything I go through to let you meet yourself in your own story and redefine your life. I struggled A LOT. It wasn’t until I hit a really hard rock bottom in my life that I let my story change. I stopped defining myself by what happened to me in the past. I worked through a lot of that and became myself again. I want you to know you can too. Live your truth!

I focus on personal development, discovering who you are, self-love, feeding your “woo woo” side, astrology, living a conscious life-style, a little bit of fashion, wellness, skincare, clean beauty, and travel. It’s my hope that you see my page evolve as I evolve, and more than anything learn to whole heartedly be yourself in every little way possible.

Enjoy everything, you’ll learn a lot about who I am, but most importantly I want you to find who you are and realize how special that is. Paint your story and own it.