Hello, call me Shay!

Welcome to my blog! 

I want to start by saying thanks for being here. It means everything to me knowing that this space is being seen in some way.

To be honest I am not 100% sure where this blog is going but all I know is it’s something I want to do. However what I do know that it’s my goal that my space is fun, creative, real, raw, honest, useful, educational, and relatable. When I think about how I envision this space it’s just my online journal. It’s my way to share everything with whoever wants to be a part of it.

I originally started this project because I thought I wanted that typical blog life but it started to take the fun out of the creating for me when I was following the blogsphere rules. I personally feel like I create best when I just let it come and go naturally and it’s something that literally channels through me. So you can expect a lot of that!

I focus heavily on self-love, feeding your woo woo side, astrology, living a conscious life-style, a little bit of fashion, wellness, skincare, clean beauty, and travel. It’s my hope that you see my page evolve as I evolve and more than anything learn to whole heartedly be yourself in every little way possible.

Enjoy everything, you’ll learn a lot about who I am but most importantly I want you to find who you are and realize how special that is through my own journey. Paint your story and own it <3