Hi! I'm Shaylene, but most people call me Shay

Nevada native currently residing in the Bay area. Life has changed like crazy for me since I moved out here to say the least. It's been a path of self discovery in ways I would have never imagined. I have grown up A LOT but forever a student in the growth process. My journey had started when I began to discover holistic health. I dove deep into skin health and gut health and thought that would be what i’d be teaching. The deeper I got in my own journey, I was diagnosed and found to have pre-cancerous cells that could be harmful to my reproductive health. The doctors suggested to be on the safe if I didn’t want children, to do a hysterectomy. Like wait back up I was 27 at the time and barely discovering who I am and you what?! It was a slap in the face. A wake up call to my female body and what soon became my calling. I had to make a decision on my health and my future in that moment. Way sooner than I thought. I mean as females we think it’s a birth right to be able to carry children right? False. There’s so many things at play that allow us to do that. Some of us are blessed to have no issues and the rest of us need to heal. That’s where my story truly began.

I didn’t have a hysterectomy. I didn’t’ believe in that choice for myself and I knew there was more for me in this world. I became obsessed with understanding my female endocrine system. I didn’t know if I wanted a kid to be honest with you all but I did know I wanted to make sure that one day if I wanted to I could have a baby and a healthy pregnancy. I am far from that stage of my life, but I knew I needed to do something. So I dove down the rabbit hole of women’s health. At first it was for me and then I realized i’m not alone in this. There’s so many people out there that need this knowledge, that need the space to be vulnerable and speak to what’s happening to their body, to have a friend who will listen, to have a support system to make a lifestyle change, to empower themselves through knowledge to make informed decisions. This is what i’m here for. I want to help you heal your hormones naturally and give yourself the chance to have your most optimal fertile health. But more importantly I want all of this for you so that you feel like a confident woman!

This blog is about it all. The process, the knowledge, the aha moments, and so much more. I share here but head to my instagram for the main source and connect with me. Let’s talk @life_with_shay