What you don't own will own you

Ever feel guilty because you know if others heard you say the things you did sometimes they’d be like wtf really? Like they wouldn’t understand because their life is a lot more “traditional” than yours. Let me say I have grown up with a very broken family home. Not the type of broken you are probably painting in your head, but more emotionally stunted, and the connection (or rather lack thereof) really did a number on all of our healing. I don’t live with a “traditional” family household. Never have. Never will. This post is all about owning that. Being okay with that. Simply knowing this is how my life is supposed to be and it’s 100% okay.

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I want to be seen

We all want to be seen and loved for who we are, so like me please don’t be afraid to honor that. Heal that part of you and then let it shine through. Like Brene Brown says the power is in vulnerability. Be open to yourself, be honest with yourself, and then allow yourself to move forward. Realize the things that push your buttons the most is the greatest gift to heal. Be just as committed to your goals as you are your own growth. I think somewhere along this life of ours we sacrificed our needs, emotions, healing, and all to give us money and success. Reaching our goals at the expense of ourselves will only bring a temporary amount of joy and freedom. The true essence of the life you want lives inside the healing and development of self so don’t be afraid of it.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

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My version of Crystals 101

Crystals have become such a huge part of my world again and I love sharing what I have learned about harnessing these precious gems, rocks, and stones energy. They are absolutely beautiful but believe it or not you can use them to enhance your living.

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