My top 5 tips on money that i've learned so far

I have a lot to still learn when it comes to finances. I would say i’m in the very beginning of my money mindset. Working hard to be better and letting my money work for me. These are the top 5 tips i’ve learned so far and am utilizing in my money mindset over the next few months. Enjoy!

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How to rebuild your relationship with money part 1

Money is not something we are all taught. I know it seems obvious this would be the case once you get into adulthood, but the truth is most of us aren’t lucky enough to have parents who were taught the value of smart money handling and how it should be taught to children. This is a compilation of what i’ve learned so far through my own mistakes and what I wish someone would have taught me sooner. I want to remind you though that even f you are struggling it’s never too late to learn and do better.

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