I want to be seen

We all want to be seen and loved for who we are, so like me please don’t be afraid to honor that. Heal that part of you and then let it shine through. Like Brene Brown says the power is in vulnerability. Be open to yourself, be honest with yourself, and then allow yourself to move forward. Realize the things that push your buttons the most is the greatest gift to heal. Be just as committed to your goals as you are your own growth. I think somewhere along this life of ours we sacrificed our needs, emotions, healing, and all to give us money and success. Reaching our goals at the expense of ourselves will only bring a temporary amount of joy and freedom. The true essence of the life you want lives inside the healing and development of self so don’t be afraid of it.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

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Life is a little bit messy

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed like life needs to be something more than what it is for you? Friends, family, oh especially the parents make you feel as if you need to be doing more? As if you need to be somewhere else? Well l just share my thoughts on all this. How you are the creator of your own timeline. Don’t forget it, but don’t get lazy either :p

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A happy heart & souls purpose

How my energy is being spent lately hasn't been feeding my heart whatsoever. My "spark" for life has been a little dull, my creative energy has been low, my thought patterns haven't been as positive as I'd like, and all in all how I feel I'm spending my time feels rushed. I certainly don't have the energy to do what does feed my soul. I am honoring my emotions through this current emotional wave, and I'm working really hard on remember my why in this life of mine. 

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