Another orbit around this earth

I don't know about y'all but I think birthdays are so special, but also so strange. Like another year passes and you get another year older and it's like okay cool.... unless it's those milestone birthdays. 

Pretty much every year everyone dreads getting older, but I honestly really enjoy it. It's another year wiser. It's another year you've discovered more of who you are, another year to just live in your human suit and keep experiencing all that life is. I have always believed that our existence on this planet was crazy and when I get a little woo woo I question how we humans actually came to be. Anyways, I think our birthdays are special, like of all the things to be created it was you. You came to be on your special day as this innocent light knowing nothing of what life was. 

Every birthday I look back and i'm amazed how much I've evolved. How much of me is so the same, but how my outlook on life has changed. I see so much more now on this 27th birthday of how the world around me needs love. From mother Earth to how we are with one another. I was lucky enough to be here in Guatemala as I write this. I reflect on how I need to live simpler and appreciate more of my everyday. 

I got to learn a lot about what my family went through going to the U.S. and how their upbringing truly was, where they lived here in Guatemala in this tiny town called Casillas and how poverished it was (and still is). How nuts it is that my Grandparents lived away from their 6 kids to get them into the states. I've always known where my family was from but getting to see it and hearing the stories now it's special.

I'm thankful my family despite the hard times came to be all that we are as a whole. On this trip I FINALLY got to meet my 3 youngest cousins. 4, 6, and 8 and they just live with so much joy in their hearts and I loved it. Kids are a reminder of what life should be - fun, simple, and shared. We get older and these ideas of what you should be doing, how you should be doing it, by when you should be doing it start to build up pressure, and before you know it your state of just being changes. The little things start to slip from our hearts.

I also got to spend time with my uncle on this trip. I haven't seen him since I was about 8 or 9. I remembered him and of course kept in touch here and there but as life is we keep going and get busy and time gets the best of ya. I see the life he has here with my cousins and aunt and it's absolutely incredible. I am so VERY happy to see that. To see the beauty that is here and what he worked hard to get out here is just amazing. I couldn't even explain it, but it's been years and I had no idea what to expect coming here honestly but it allowed me to take a piece of my family history and realize every hardship, every moment my mom and fam went through that brought me on this earth on this day, I damn well am going to live my life with so much honor in my heart.

History teaches us so much, and when you learn and see your family history it touches you. I encourage everyone to talk a little deeper with your family, learn about your roots! It definitely makes you feel some type of way.

Spending time out here has been amazing. I got to see where my family came from. I got to meet more of my family and I just got to see so much life, both the highs and lows of living in such an area. It made my eyes open even more to how we need to start speaking and sharing from the heart and understand one another a little deeper. I am blessed beyond words for the life I have, but i'm also seeing how I want to become and be the change I want to see in this world. I realize how we are so lucky for the technology, the food, the water, the homes, our clothes, everything we own and the lives we lead, but how we also lack a lot of connection, humility, tenderness, patience, and appreciation for one another. Not all, but we are definitely in a need of change. I know we all know this and I can see the beauty in all that is happening despite the lows. 

For my birthday I want us all to make some sort promise to ourself + our beautiful universe... in the wise words of Gandhi "To be the change we want to see" whatever it is! I know anyone who reads this envisions more for themselves and more for our world. It doesn't matter big or small it just matters that every day you take that opportunity to go out there and be that change. Let's make today and every day moving forward an imprint on what this world can be. Spread more light, spread more love, spread more joy, and live from the heart. 

All the love you beautiful souls!