Life as of lately 7.22.18

Hi, hello what's up!

Okay it's been a minute since I wrote anything for the blog and it's because I have been working on so many other things for it. So many layers, but I promised myself that tonight I would throw on my favorite playlist get lost in the music and write. So here I am. It's honestly my favorite way to do this whole thing. Just giving ya'll an update on what to expect content wise and what's new in the world of Shay.

So first big announcement is I am launching my youtube in one week!! OMG. I am so excited to get the video content out there. I feel like i've taken a lot of life lessons lately and sharing what I have learned has been very fun. Honestly you guys my youtube is my heart and soul of what I really want to put out there with my blog. When I struggled with writing it because it didn't feel write to share the content that way youtube popped into my head outta nowhere and i'm going for it. This first release of videos is focusing a lot of letting go and reprogramming your brain to understand where you picked up patterns that do not serve you in a positive way and how to break that negative though process and shift your mindset. I went through Lacy Phillip's unblocked workshops where I felt I made as much progress in two months of her stuff that I did in nearly a year of therapy. I released so much negative thinking patterns and really gained clarity of what I want moving forward and how to let things go. I have been working on shifting my brain from thinking in ways I know were just not good for me or not who I wanted to be either. You can also expect some travel vids with the traveling I will be doing these next few months, as well as just videos on my favorite things (like human design) that I have been learning from. My channel is truly to help you learn and drive your life forward whether that be learning about yourself, working to improve yourself, and if nothing else make you feel less alone or learn new random stuff :) I can't wait to share it all and keep recording videos!

So I leave back to Vegas for a few days here soon and then I am off to Guatemala and Antigua with my mom to see family and enjoy my birthday! I am SO excited. I haven't seen my uncle in so long and just to see and visit where my mom's side of the fam came from I know is going to be such a beautiful experience. I seriously cannot wait! + seeing my pup is always a highlight of life haha

Life as of lately has been a whole lot of planning on what I want to do next in terms of my own career too. I am excited to say that I know I want to specialize and get my Master Esthetician license!!! I have been trying to figure out how I could take my passion for skincare and wellness and by doing this program it combines the best of both worlds of internal health and external health BUT I want to focus that in on a more holistic approach and bring that education to others. I eventually want to get my certification to be a health coach as well but one step at a time. I think i've known for a long time I wanted to help people reach their goals when it comes to wellness and I mean literally everything mind, body, and spirit. Once I can gain this knowledge it's really going to help solidify the base I already have started for myself because there is so much more to learn. I am really excited to get into this! I plan to do all of this sometime next year still figuring out logistics, but it's been really amazing knowing what I want to do next. I have struggled with what my next move for my career would be because I know that I want to help and teach people in some way but wasn't sure how I was going to do it. I strongly believe between my blog and getting my license i'll be able to really do this the way I envision!

I have felt so inspired lately by the other wellness girls i've met through blogging and social media and i'm just so in love with the goals we all set for ourselves! Creating and then co-creating with the world and people around you is kind of the best thing ever. Wherever this journey takes me I just know i'm thankful. It's helped me learn to share parts of me I have been terrified to share and just has been so eye opening to what I really want in life. When you start to think about the imprint you want to leave and start creating something it becomes so much more. I could ramble and to be honest probably won't make sense so instead i'm going to keep creating, pouring my heart into it all, and let the rest take care of itself.

Lately i've been doing lots of reflection on the bigger picture of what I want my life to be like. I think for a long time I was so focused on what I didn't like in my life and gosh learning to snap out of that and really focus on what I love about my life and then what I actually want has been very liberating. I know it seems so simple, but I don't know about ya'll I make things complicated sometimes. It's really as simple as if it's not something you want don't do it or don't have it in your life. I think when we realize that you can change your mind, do things differently, approach everything different it makes you feel like you have this power back that you somehow lost, or at least that's how it feels for me. I can say that through all this reflection all I want right now is to find my version of a sustainable lifestyle. What that looks like for me is work 4 days a week, travel with friends and family, be in my favorite cities and being the ultimate foodie, being in nature, and just enjoying time with those I love more than anything. I crave genuine connection right now. I feel so very connected to myself which I hadn't in a long time and now I want to share my world with my people. I realize I take time for granted far to often and though career and goals are important, being with people is more important. If I could remove all the other stuff and just literally live life everyday doing what I enjoy with my people ugh that'd be the dream. So I made myself a promise going into the remainder of 2018 and into 2019 I was making some major changes so that I could spend more time with the people in my life and meet more people. So stay tuned to see how that all looks down the road lol I am working on it. 

Anyways, just a few thoughts with me lately. I am always doing my best to write and I hope I can do more of that here soon once I get my youtube going. Sending all my love to you all!