The art of letting go

I shared this written piece on my instagram and I had a lot of people reach out that the words I wrote were very healing and helpful. So here it is for all of you to read :)

Sometimes you have to swallow pain

People, places, and memories aren’t meant to stay forever, but they’ll always live in your heart

Just because you have to let go of what once was, realize that something better always comes

The hardest part is letting go

When your heart feels all the pain, when tears stream down your face, and everything in your heart screams drop it, yet your mind reminds you of the moments that once touched your heart and soul so deeply. You’re living in confusion and you ask yourself why would I ever let this go? 

Well my dear, when you feel pain and sadness you should never hold onto anything that makes you feel less than you are

Let go and hold your head high knowing you are allowed to choose yourself. You are allowed to be selfish with your heart even if your mind tells you otherwise. Be selfish. Take back your power. Remember you deserve love. Breathtaking earth shattering love from everyone that has the pleasure to know you because you would give the same 

So when you struggle and ask do I stay or do I go?

Remember that you are special, you are magic, let the pain and sadness go and breath easy my dear 💕