My version of Crystals 101

HAPPY HUMP DAY you beautiful people!! I am so excited to be writing this post! Crystals have become such a huge part of my world again and I love sharing what I have learned about harnessing these precious gems, rocks, and stones energy. They are absolutely beautiful but believe it or not you can use them to enhance your living. Within the last year I discovered the blog and crystal shop energy muse. Which you can find here. They are my trusted source in learning all that I can with crystals and they are how I know a lot of what I know now, but of course I am sharing my little spin on how I take care of mine and use mine! 

So first thing I want to talk about is crystal energy and healing. These beauties come straight from our earth source and often for a purpose. There is history dating back way before our time as to why certain crystals carried certain energies or healing properties. I like to think of it like this- anything that comes from earth usually has a life force that is meant to help us. Think how we grow food from the earth and how healing that is for our bodies, water from the earth and how it keeps us going, oxygen coming from our plants, and more right? So crystals as a raw geode come as a rock formation of some sort and because of how they are carved from the earth have their different patterns and looks which makes them SO unique and powerful to work with. The girls from energy muse always say that a crystal won't change your life, but it can enhance if you just work with that life force energy. The energy needs you just as much as you need it! 

To be honest I have had crystals with me for a better part of my life. Not many but i've collected a couple because I thought they were pretty. I didn't really understand that they could even be useful in another way other than decoration lol. It wasn't until last year that I really had the opportunity to use a crystals healing energy. Long story short one of my friends got me a heart healing crystal because I was going through a hard time in my life. I was in a rough place so I was willing to try anything that helped the tears stop. He ended up getting me a California mountain jade wrapped in copper wire and the chain from the street market he got it from measured just enough so it fell directly above my heart. He had done some reiki energy on it under the new moon in this beautiful body of water. So if you are even the least bit spiritual you can imagine this crystal was charged with a purpose to help! When he came back from the festival he got it at he told me the story behind the jade and why it is known for its healing properties and how to take care of the crystal before he removed it from his heart and place the necklace over mine. I had to wear this thing for a month make sure to mediate with it so I connected with it's energy and myself. He simply said just see how you start to feel over the next few days. I decided to journal how I felt everyday because I honestly love to write and that in itself helped me work through my emotions. Fast forward a few days he had texted me to see how I was doing and feeling. I remember stopping to really think and realized I hadn't cried in a bit, yes I was still sad, but I felt a little more at peace and that things were starting to look up. My mind had shifted to realize how much more in my life there was than that sadness I was experiencing. From that moment on my life just spiraled into so much more and something in me snapped. My healing process went a lot faster than I could have thought because I just became soooo incredibly clear on what mattered during that time frame. I got clear on what I needed to just let go of and truly work through. Of course I went through a lot of other necessary emotional paths during this time, but I felt like a weight had been lifted and I made A LOT of progress in a short amount of time. I wore that crystal all day everyday and meditated with it. After the month was up I didn't feel like I needed it as much, it honestly cracked it was crazy! It was this beautiful bright smooth stone when I received it and turned into a weird deep green with a crack straight down the middle. My friend said it had a lot of work to do and that's why it cracked and that I basically absorbed all it's energy. Which was the point of this crystal and slowly I became detached from it because the work with me was done. I don't have it anymore, another friend ended up taking it and now I have no idea where it is but my time with that crystal was amazing. It was the first time I ever experienced anything like that and for me helped me see what was possible. Whether it was placebo or not something in me ticked and I made progress real fast and felt it with every fiber of my being! 

I encourage everyone to work with crystals however they want! I just wanted to share my experience and how I started to turn to them for their energetic properties, but also because they make my apartment and room look that much more chic :P 

Okay so I have been asked a few times now how do I pick a crystal? This is my take on this. Whatever crystal you end up picking is the one that is meant for you. I know so cliche but it's true! If there is one thing I have learned when I have picked mine out it's that you typically go in thinking you want a certain one or a certain look and somehow end up finding one that you didn't even realize was what you really wanted. If you feel called to one it's meant for you! I was recently in LA and my friend picked her first crystal out and was really concerned about how she would know if it was right or wrong and the guy at the shop explained to her much like I did it's truly whatever you are drawn to is what's right. She had seen one the blue opalite and was like ooh that's pretty, went to another part of the store and said it again, and by the third time the crystal shop guy was like that's three times you picked it out at random that means it's for you. He helped pull all the pieces he had to make a necklace and she created her first crystal necklace! It was such a fun experience to share with a friend. The blue opalite ended up being a stone to provide clarity and help open up the third eye chakra. Little did I know after we looked that up my friend shared a story with me about herself and how she's been looking to gain some fresh perspective in her life. This experience brought us closer because we shared some stuff we hadn't before in our friendship, and it helped her see that that crystal called on her for a reason and to help her through the work she wanted to do. So cool!!

Alright so now that you can pick a crystal that works for you taking care of it is also very important! When you buy a new crystal make sure to cleanse it. it's been sitting wherever it was and you have no idea what kind of journey it went on before it went home with you, so it's important to cleanse it of it's past energy and then set an intention with new energy from YOU! If you've read any of my past posts and intention is sort of like a goal but in a slightly different way of presenting. So it's the purpose of this crystal in your life. For example I bought an Ocean Jasper stone last year and after understanding what it's job is on a wide scale, I decided for my own energetic purpose the work I wanted to do with it was to set the intention that this crystal would help remind me to stay grounded when life feels chaotic, and help me learn to go with the flow more. It can truly be anything your heart desires! When you get a new crystal look up it's meaning through energy muse if you can't find it there use google just be mindful of the source you pull from. This way you have an idea of why this crystal came to you. I have discovered it's a little spooky how when I pick something out it parallels something I am going through, something I am trying to work on, and sometimes even shows me what I need in my life!

After cleansing do whatever you want with the crystal. Use it how you see best. I have crystals that are in my room to help suck negative energy out and keep it cleansed, I have some throughout my room to protect, I have some on my night stand to help purify my air, some to help remind me of self-love, and others that when I am mediating on a focus or want to work with that particularly crystal energy I use use to meditate and see what comes up. & hey! If you simply want it for decor that is 100% okay too :)

Every once in awhile you should re-charge/cleanse the crystal as it does soak up energy from it's environment and should always stay clear of stagnant energy so the purpose you set for it can stay true. So I place them under the sun sometimes when I am outside and doing work let them charge for 3-4 hours or under a new moon or full moon! You can also buy selenite charging plates, or keep it extra simple and just sage them every once in awhile. It helps to reset the energy just like we all need from time to time! Also during this time if you decide to reset and do a new intention go for it!! It's the best time to do it and the crystal is for you.

I want to close this out by saying if you decide to work with crystal energy in any way share it with me! I want to hear your experiences!! I hope you learned something, thank you so much for reading.

Have a blissed out day loves!