Just Shay Things

Hiii you beauties!! I hope whenever you read this you are having the most fabulous day! :)

I wanted to start a new series on my blog that you guys can reference from time to time. My goal is to do this once every few months as I am always ordering new items to try out whether that be household, skincare, make-up, or beauty stuff all together. As many of you may know by now I choose to use cleaner and safer items. Meaning I do my best to only use product that is non-toxic and strive for organic or natural, but as you may have discovered those words don't always have meaning when you really look at labels. This subject is very near and dear to my heart and you can find the post about what I learned making this lifestyle change here. Since I am always posting on my instagram about new stuff I wanted to make it easy for you all to follow along and be able to find the stuff I am loving lately.

Recently I switched up my skincare routine and I plan to do an updated post on that soon, but I wanted to highlight a new favorite. Back story- Kristina Kelly who is on Vanderpump Rules (obsessed with this show, watch it!)  started her own etsy shop called Heartspring Co. and because I heard her on Stassi's podcast I decided to try her lip balms out. I used to swear by EOS (the little eggs) but after I tried hers out I was in LOVE! I know I have talked about them before on a post, but these are definitely my go to and I love that they are in a cute chic chapstick style tube.  I love all of the flavors she does but the Coconut + Rose & Lemon + Sage are my go-to's. They keep my lips so hydrated and even better are super clean!! My point though was that she just released a new product -her Rose Water mist and it's amazing! I swear by my Beautycounter one which I carry all the time, but the one Kristina developed is slowly becoming my new fave. You can find both the balms and mist here.

Next, clean deodorant that works! Okay this is a big one because so many people know that they should make the switch to a clean deo. We put this on everyday and we absorb it  right into our skin and with it being so close to lymph nodes it's important to swap this one out! My absolute go to is the Agent Nateur Holi No. 4 in Rose. I typically go back and forth buying from my favorite organic beauty blogger (The Organic Bunny) because I want to support her small business so you can find it here or at my favorite green beauty store Citrine here. I typically go back and forth lol I love both ladies so much so I want to support both when I can. Both stores are SO worth checking out for green beauty goods! However, I recently received a sample from Citrine of a spray on deo by Erbaviva (I know weird) butttt I love it! When you want 0 residue this one works, smells delicious, and is like perfume for your under arms! I like the grapefruit one and you can purchase that here

Current favorite pro & prebiotic is by The Beauty Chef- Inner Glow powder. This one is live flora culture so once opened needs to be kept in the fridge. It tastes like goji berries and is a simple powder you can throw in your smoothies or in water and drink it down. I noticed a HUGE difference in my skin and gut with this one. I stopped using it for a month to see how I would feel and it's definitely become a staple in my morning routine now. You can purchase here. I drink it with 8 ounces of water every morning because I know throughout the day I never get as much water as I should and at least this way I am starting my morning right! 

Next up, my new favorite beauty tool- my Jade roller!! I bought this one on a whim because I heard it's great for your skin and to be honest I was pretty lazy at first with how often I did it. Once I made it a daily part of my routine I noticed a big improvement in the puffiness in my face. Lately I get a little swollen when I eat too much salt or just lack of sleep/water etc. and when I use this it helps SO much and there is a lot of other benefits. Jade is a stone that is known for its healing powers. Whether you believe in stone energy or not this stuff works. It improves blood circulation and skin tone, promotes lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness and wrinkles, helps reduce pore size, and so much more. I have horrible eye bags in the morning if I don't sleep enough, which let me be honest I never do. It's a constant battle. With my trust eye cream and a little cold jade my face, especially my eyes feel refreshed and awake! I ordered mine from herbivore and you can get it here. I highly recommend!! 

Last but not least my new favorite face SPF. Honestly the holy grail item find for me. I get the worst sun spots or hyper-pigmentation when I break out and it takes forever for my skin to heal and regenerate to lighten the spot, so sunscreen is a big must for me. I have tried countless SPF's all that I have enjoyed and my skin didn't react to BUT this one takes the gold for sure. Suntengrity's tinted moistourizer is AMAZING! It has the perfect lightweight formula to improve your complexion and protect against the sun. The day I do this in combo with my regular foundation I always get compliments on how my makeup turns out because my skin just looks seamless and I am honestly super self conscious of my skin and this item is an absolute MUST! 

Go give these products a try and let me know what you liked!