Life as of lately 2.6.18

What's up people! It's been a minute since I last posted anything partially because I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about next. The first month of the year felt like I was getting my feet wet again with normal life post holiday craziness. Anyone else feel that way? I honestly was trying to find my balance again in all aspects of my life because I felt I worked a little too much in November and December, but hey that's the retail life sometimes.  

Anyways, I just wanted to give you all a little update on what to expect on the blog this month. I carved out a lot of time in January to really think about what I wanted to create in this space of mine, and to be honest I have an idea, but making that idea come to fruition will be something else. BUT I am totally ready to truly be consistent about the blog! I know I have said this before and haven't exactly been 100% on that, I really am learning and trying to figure out. I know if I want this space to be all that I dream I need to buckle down and create it though and thats where i'm at.

I told myself I wanted to truly give this project of mine some extra love this year and just write my little heart out. I really want this space to be useful to whoever is reading it. I want to create a community where you can learn from me in whatever aspect you find interesting. I also want to help inspire you guys to find your authentic selves by sharing my own journey. I know i'm super young, but honestly in my 26 years of life I think I have had to face my demons in some real tough times and had to grow up a little faster than most. I also truly am an old soul. I'm convinced I was born as an old woman HAHA. Jk, but really I am an old soul. I have learned so much from myself thus far and I think it could potentially help others who may relate which is what I want. Bloggers inspire me all the time and influence my life in such a positive way and I hope to do that for anyone reading this. 

My life has steam rolled into something I couldn't have imagined in the last year and it's because I have finally spent some time getting to know myself and learn from myself. More on this later, but my point is I hope you gain something from my blog. I REALLY REALLY just want to help people in whatever way I can, and I think that's what this blog is going to be about. I can't put it into words entirely what that will look like just yet, but I think that's part of the fun. 

So what can you expect these next couple of months? First up is my Kona, Hawaii recap! it was such an eye opening trip to what I need more of in my life and I hope you enjoy reading it and find some cool spots to check out if you visit the big island. Since it's love month I am writing a whole self-care post, an updated skincare post, a series I am theming "Just Shay things" where I will share all my favorite green beauty products i'm loving, supplements 101,  and I plan to do a moon rituals post! If you don't follow me on instagram you can find me @shaylenelissette and on there every Tuesday I am posting a Tuesday tune of music i'm loving, a wellness Wednesday with a product i'm using or trying out or just generally obsessed with, and then a self-care Sunday tip for items I use to decompress from the week and start the new week fresh. My hope is that every other Wednesday you will see a brand new post from me! :D

So stay tuned! & as always thanks for reading loves.