9 things about me

I love lists and I find sharing things in list form to be really fun to do! I always love learning about people when they do things like this and I realize that I share a lot of content about my story…BUT I haven’t really shared much about myself. So I suppose now is as good as a time as any :)

1. The #9 is literally everywhere in my life. I graduated in 2009, birthday is July 29, my brother and sister were born also on the 29th, and both my parents birthdays are on the 9th of different months. Crazy right? I am huge numerology fan so I love learning what different number patterns could mean. It’s for sure my lucky number

2. I am super into all things spiritual and for a long time I didn’t embrace that part of myself because people could be judge-y. Now I really don’t care. It’s the side of me that has helped me tap into my own inner voice and grow so much in the last two years. I can’t imagine how my life would be if I didn’t dive into all of the teachings the way I have to be where I am and who I am today is a person I really am proud of

3. I have the worst sweet tooth and bread is my weakness. Like yes we all love sugar and bread but I am that girl who goes to the bakery and buys everything and then goes home and eats everything and then some :P it’s a sure way to be my bff by buying me bread lol

4. 1/2 filipino + 1/2 guatemalan. A LOT of people try to guess what ethnicity I am and it always throws them off. I get Hawaiian quite often. I would say now that I am older I embrace both sides culturally a lot more than I ever have

5. Coffee shops are my favorite place to be. I have a thing for choosing a corner table with a book or just writing. It’s where i’m writing now. It’s seriously a place that I feel so at peace and at home. It’s honestly a piece of college I really miss. Being in a coffee shop studying with some of my best friends and just being alone but not all at the same time. Something about being at a coffee shop just always makes my heart so happy

6. I struggle with feeling worthy. Its something I have shared a lot on here but I want to express that this is something I realize in myself so much more with all the work i’ve done. If you’ve been reading my content you know I went to therapy for family issues and other stuff. In all of this I realized that I really really struggle with feeling like i’m enough for anyone. I don’t even mean romantically I mean anyone that is in my life. It’s currently the thing I am working through the deepest and I know that once I can break through the why of this and where I picked up that feeling to work through it will truly be another big shift for my life BUT it’s because of this very reason I feel like i’m starting to see myself for what I am worth and that’s really exciting

7. I moved away from home 7 years ago. When I left I was so excited and truly thought i’d never go back. Now I can say that Home means Nevada and my heart aches to go back. Anyone that knows me also knows I have a craving to move to LA soooo bad. I know I will and being a Cali girl has been nothing short of amazing, but I might move back home for a bit and who knows, but I will forever be a NV girl <3

8. I am a major wellness nut. I honestly never thought this would be me. I was the girl who ate McD’s like all the time, rarely had vegetables, dairy everything, and sugar- lots of it. Today I am heavily into nutrition and all things wellness and I have never felt better. I mean we evolve as we get older but I am honoring that wellness is a HUGE component of my life now and the career field I want to get into. It’s pretty cool to see that

9. My friends are my everything. I know that so many people have their best friends and they mean a lot to them, but for me they are the ones who are my family more than my own family. Today I am closer to my blood family more than I have ever been. For a long time I didn’t have them. I couldn’t really count on them and there was a lot of bitterness. When I went to college and met the people I met they slowly became my family. I felt like I found my people. A lot has changed and some have come and go, but my core crew hasn’t. I am forever grateful for this. They mean everything to me and even though we are all doing life differently and following our paths I know down to my core that they are there for me and that’s so special to find in anyone nowadays

Okay that’s all! Share something with me about YOU!