Cabo WOO part 2

Here it is FINALLY part two of this fun vacay!

Day 3 started out like the others everyone waking up in haze, a Nespresso coffee, and some breakfast haha. Hanging by the pool etc. this afternoon we decided to venture out to the beach by our house since it was walking distance. However it was not swim friendly :/ the waves were nuts and after being beaten by a crazy wave in Hawaii I did not try to go in haha. I did however get some really cool photos thanks to Michelle and Steven of my OOTD that day :P

We pretty much just hung out there for a bit and enjoyed the sun with the cool breeze from the ocean. I collected a bunch of cool sea shells from the sand and we had lots of fun being goofy with boomerangs. 


We ended up going out into the downtown area again and just exploring more food areas. We ended up back at The Office Restaurant where this time we ate. We had overheard a lot of people talking about the coconut shrimp there so of course we ordered some for our table. It was definitely BOMB! Honestly all the food there was. Our waiter was awesome too. Very goofy and hooked it up with their happy hour lol. We ordered a tuna tartare, cajun coconut dish, and of course chips, guac, and salsa.  We had such a big group we all were spread out and each table ordered different dishes so it was nice to try it all. I think this meal was my favorite of the whole trip! Which is saying a lot because Tacos de Guss was heaven. 


I seriously loved the decor of this place. It was colorful which I absolutely adored, and it made for some great shots.


After this place we ended up heading back into town got some more snacks to go and did some shopping. I got two really cute hand woven bags that I am simply obsessed with! We ended up just going home to chill and recuperate from being in the sun and eating all day haha before we went out again that night. We ended the day having fun at Squid Roe which is basically an adult jungle gym club :P lots of great people watching but also some great dance music!! I would definitely suggest enjoying a night out there. 

Onto day 4 which was soooo fun because we decided to do a yacht day!! We used this company Seashine Adventures they were awesome. Liz, Miguel, and Jose were our crew members and they certainly did not disappoint! I spent majority of my time at the front end of the boat because I get motion sickness easily, so if you're like me definitely take some dramamine ahead of time so you don't ruin the fun feeling queasy. Liz was hilarious and full of jokes and great energy for us. She kept the boys on their toes and made some bomb margaritas. Jose was our chef who whipped us up some shrimp tacos and habanero salsa to go with them midday. Oh man these were tasty!! *insert heart eyes emoji* Miguel was our captain and he had all the great music jams haha. Seriously though his playlist was great, some edm, old school MJ, and moana. Yes I said moana. Excuse me if i'm a little obsessed, sorry not sorry.  We ended up stopping to dock and swim/snorkle near Santa Maria. It was so fun to just be out in the water finally without crazy waves. I enjoyed the time just hanging out and we got to see some cool fish. Since we were the last tour of the day we decided to watch the sunset near Medano beach and the views were seriously breathtaking. I don't think we could have asked for a more perfect way to end our day. Good company and great views! 


Day 5 last day :( since this was our last full day in town we decided to do what we do best and eat everything we had yet to try haha. We hit up our usual spots, but then also ventured out to the mall area where we checked out the Baja Brewing company because the boys wanted to see the beers they offered. It was very Americanized to be honest, but it was nice to be in the A/C. They had some really yummy dessert too at one of the bakeries there. I honestly failed to take any photos because I was so excited to eat the treats >.< I also discovered that the Hagen Daz there sold Nespresso machines! It was fun to see the company I work for in Mexico. This day was just full of eating, drinking, and shopping to be totally honest. I also made friends with a stray dog at the lunch spot we were out. I wanted to take it home... even though he was kind of dirty, but if you know me I don't care I just love animals.  I mean look at that face!!

36388827316_8febea8588_o (1).jpg

We checked out a lot of the shops as we walked around the strip as well. I really love pops of color so a lot of the shops had bags, blankets, dishes, etc. that I loved.











All in all Cabo was a great time. If you want a nice mix of relaxing and partying with friends it's a must to go visit! There's always something to do. I will definitely go back.

These are the restaurants/bars we checked out -
1. Los Claro's - recommend the fish tacos
2. El Pescador - recommend the ceviche and octopus
3. Tacos De Guss - EVERYTHING lol it's all delicious, horchata was the best here
4. Maro's fish house - recommend the strawberry daquiri and lobster
5. Cachet beach club- fun ambiance + ceviche + margarita (best one for sure)
6. The office - recommend coconut shrimp for sure and the tuna tartare
7. La Nueva Michoacana - ice cream

Party places I enjoyed were El Squid Roe & Mandala. Definitely the top two places for dancing and just good plain fun!

Headed to Cabo?! Let me know what you discover and recommend + if you checked anything out I suggested I would love to hear about it!