My skincare routine

Alright for a long time now I have been meaning to do this post because my skin is night and day different when I first started my journey in finding products that would work. I have battled with hormonal acne for a long time now. My teenage years were rough on my forehead and then my skin was great for awhile. When I moved to California for some reason my acne came back. It got bad and I was not comfortable in my skin at all (see before and after photos at the end of post). It was mostly on both sides of my cheeks and it would be a  bunch of cystic red pimples. It was painful and just UGLY. At least for me I hated my face and was super self conscious. I was wearing makeup pretty much everyday because it helped me feel better, but considering I was using conventional products at the time didn't help my skin issues. I finally got to the point where I really cleaned up my diet and invested in seeing an aesthetician. She was AMAZING! Started me on some products from Jan Marini and SkinCeuticals which really started to balance my skin out a bit. I had been going regularly once a month to get a facial with extractions (where she removes all impurities of the skin) but even after 6 months of consistency I still wasn't totally happy with my skin.

Since I was still in the process of cleaning up my products and making the switch to non-toxic this is when I started to delve deep on how much better these products would be for me. I went to my favorite organic beauty bloggers page- Amanda Jo of the organic bunny ( I started looking for reviews of acne products she's used and she suggested MOSS for those with really acne prone skin. I researched the company, read reviews and eventually just booked an online consult with the owner Celestyna. This entailed a Q&A survey on your skin and photos of what your skin looks like in the natural and regular light so she can see what's going on. About a week later she emailed me back with suggested products, a routine, and why she thought this would be best for me. Celeystna was awesome at answering questions I had as well. She really knew her stuff and I appreciated it. I also had worked closely with my aesthetician to see what products would replace what she had suggested. I really appreciated her support on making the switch and not pushing me or giving me poor service by not using her suggestions any longer. I still see her every other month and she is so glad that my skin is so much better! She's truly amazing. I ended up purchasing what Celestyna suggested to see how it would work. The brand is called Roccocco Botanicals from Australia, and boy did it make a HUGE impact on how my skin looked. I had a vitamin C serum that really helped with my pigmentation and mandelic serum as my treatment which really shrunk a lot of my acne.

I have changed up a little of what I do now that I have Beautycounter mixed in but I am soo happy with my skin now and how it looks!! I really suggest trying to make the switch to non-toxic for many reasons, but considering your skincare is everyday am/pm it's important to have something clean. & to be totally honest the products last longer and are stronger in how it penetrates the skin cells.  A little goes a long way with everything I use!

So this is what my routine is in the AM:

1. Cleanse- Charcoal cleansing bar by Beautycounter, you can purchase here

2. Rose Mist by Beautycounter (has hyaluronic acid which helps your skin retain moisture), that is here


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 10.21.17 AM.png

3. Rejuvenating serum (Vitamin C treatment for pigmentation, darkor sun spots, and aging skin) here

 3. Mandelic Serum for my treatment by Roccocco Botanicals, you have to contact your local shop or a shop that carries it and get it shipped. It's a pain but soo worth it!

4. Balancing Facial oil No.3 by Beautycounter, that is here 


5. Either Zatik which is hard to find but sooo lightweight but I usually go with the sunscreen by Beautycounter - here

I do my makeup occasionally after the AM routine and I plan to do a post on my makeup soon! I also add in two masks from Beautycounter twice a week that has helped my skin the Charcoal mask (Sundays and Wednesdays) and the Brightening mask (Monday and Thursdays) to target both my acne and sunspots. You can find those on the site here 

PM routine is very similar but some minor differences:

1. Cleanse- Charcoal cleansing bar by Beautycounter, you can purchase here

2. Plumping Mist that is here 

3. Mandelic Serum for my treatment by Roccocco Botanicals, I am in the process of needing a new place to order but will update when I know where you can purchase 

4. Brightening Facial oil No. 1 by Beautycounter, that is here 

If you have questions please reach out on my instagram Shaylenelissette. Still learning how to add a comment section on my blog so bare with me. I hope this post helps but I wanted to share what really worked for me FINALLY! :D

Before and After of my skin -

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 10.23.40 AM.png

First column was what I started with
Second is on the SkinCeuticals and Jan Marini
Third is my skin now, still working on it but it's SO much better and I am thankful! 

All in all skin is a tough and sensitive one for everyone. Just always keep it clean and nourish it. I know this sounds silly, but honestly learn to love your skin and not stress about it and it'll heal better. 

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