Cheers to 2017!

So it's a new year.... and already we are half way through the first month. Time seriously needs to slow down. I say this and it's super contradictory of me because i'm always anxious waiting for the next thing. Just a  habit >.< I told myself with this new year I was really going to work on my habits. Both good and bad, and kind of just put myself in check so to say. What about you guys? How do you feel about resolutions and all that? I feel like I always start the new year with all these resolutions and expectations of how I will be, but now that I am a little older (& I think wiser lol) I realize it's not about those "goals" you set in place that you need to follow... it's about bettering yourself and your life each year. Don't worry i'm not going to get all deep and philosophical on y'all, I'm just taking a piece of advice from one of my favorite bloggers. Life is a marathon not a sprint and I know I need to work on slowing my life down. 

So my year goals to myself were -

*To eat cleaner. I did the whole paleo thing last summer and I loved how I felt. However I have a sugar tooth and i'm gonna be honest with myself and probably "treat myself" to goodies every so often :p BUT ultimately I just want to get a handle on the refined sweets 

*To workout consistently. I sort of lost track on my Barre workouts towards the end of the year and wasn't really going. So I am going to push myself harder this year to really consistently go 4-5 times a week 

*To read more. I used to read so much and then lost that too because of life. I'm really trying to spoil myself more with the little things I enjoy this year 

*Shop my closet... what I mean by this is do my best to not buy any new clothes. I realize I spend a lot of money on clothes and then never wear it more than like twice. Who else is guilty?! So I read this article that motivated me to stop shopping and see how much money I end up saving and instead shop my closet often and discover those lost pieces over the year 

*Take more pictures, ideally I want to make this a new hobby and take photography lessons because it's something I really want to learn 

*Go back to school!!! This is my biggest goal. I for a long time now have wanted to work with animals and I am going to finally make that dream a reality this year. I plan to go to veterinary technician school this October! :D I can't wait and am so excited to finally get back on track with this. I took some much needed time off, but i'm ready to go back

My list is pretty basic, but it's all stuff I feel I lost touch with over the last few years. I wanted to make a promise to myself to really focus in on what I want and make it happen this year. Too often I think we put life stuff before ourselves. I guess they go hand in hand, but what I mean is the little things we do for ourselves that make everything more enjoyable. Which don't get me wrong is totally okay to put work, events, traveling, kids, whatever it is first, it's not meant to be negative. I just know personally I put all of that before my own needs more often than not and this year I would like to change that and find a balance. I hope that makes sense. 

This was also going to be a year of "yes" in the sense that if something feels just outside my comfort zone i'm going to push myself to step out of it and experience whatever it is. We'll see how that goes lol the best example I can give of this right now is my Beautycounter business. It's nothing I would really do, but I love the company mission that I took a leap of faith and signed up to be a consultant! I will dedicate a whole post to this sometime next month so stay tuned if you are wondering what it is. 

Anyways, I wanted to also make a promise to this blog.... If you are reading my blog thank you SO much! I don't think i'm that interesting haha but I love writing and I love being able to share my thoughts. This for me is an outlet to be me. I chose the theme of growing up because let's be real this whole "adult" thing is weird. I'm learning and I want to share that part of my life with whoever wants to be a part of it. We are all going through it together in some way or another so why not share the good, the bad, and the ugly. We can learn from one another and if anything else inspire each other when we can't do it for ourselves. That's what I love most about blogs. My favorite bloggers pour their hearts into their blog and I love that I can relate or go to them for inspiration. I don't know the vast majority of them, but the parts they share I feel like I know them. I love that feeling that I can connect with people in that way even though we've never met. So this blog it's fun and something I want to be able to look back on and see the snapshots of my life and that people connect with me too. Sooooo enough with the cheese I know I know... 

I am planning to write on a new topic of interest every other week. That for me is realistic so keep me accountable friends! :) & let me know things you think I should write about! 

Cheers to a new year, a better you, and another book we get to write!