Cabo WOO part 1!

Hiiiii- I know I seriously fail at updating my blog... it's because I am too busy living life! LOL jk, but really I have been on so many trips lately I can't even keep up. I just got back from Cabo last Saturday and let me tell you it was quite the adventure. Mexico always has some interesting characters and people watching is my specialty. As is eating tacos and ice cream :P which I did a lot of. It was a mini reunion trip with some Reno peeps & the RB animals crew. I am still not sure how we got that group name but so be it, we like it. In total there was 13 of us that went and we spent a whole week in what I called Paradise Villa, but really it's Hacienda Edith in Pedregal. I mean look at these views! Seriously it was a gorgeous property and we got to live like royalty for a bit. I highly recommend staying in this area if you are ever in Cabo. The decor and everything about our villa was adorable. 



Day 1 was spent by the pool drinking margaritas and just catching up with everyone since most of us hadn't been together in a year or so. It was so nice to see everyone! We kept it pretty chill and just ended up sleeping somewhat early so we can go out and explore the next day.

Day 2 is where the real fun began. We spent majority of the afternoon by the pool and then ventured out to explore the downtown area to eat tacos! YASSSS. Seriously I freaking love tacos. We went to this place called Maro's fish house, ordered some margs and ceviche for the table. The ceviche there was bomb and so refreshing in the heat. This place was a lot of fun because it had a lot of college flags as decor, and just fun drinking games/jokes they would do! We happened to find our Wolfpack flag for UNR as soon as we walked in so some of us signed it. My fellow DG's you'll see my name & an anchor if you ever go!! That was exciting since most of us are alum from this school. Go pack!!


We pretty much spent the entire day eating from place to place haha so typical. We went around the streets afterwards to look at souvenir shops and ended up stumbling upon Tacos de Guss and smelling the delicious meats that we had to stop to buy some tacos. One of my friends got a loaded tostada and then my other friend got 1 of each taco they offered (lengua, al pastor, carne asada, and chicken) and let me tell ya being a girl who takes her tacos seriously, these were BOMB!!! I highly recommend when in Cabo. It's honestly this little hole in the wall restaurant, but dang they were good. We in all honestly ended up eating Tacos there again that night after going out and then pretty much everyday after until we left >.<  



We ordered horchata and then roamed some more before we found an ice cream shop with traditional Mexican ice cream bars called La Nueva Michoacana. I was SO excited because I love the coconut flavor. The closest thing to them would be the Helados Mexico brand you can buy in some American markets or spanish markets. I am obsessed with these bars. We also saw a cart with churros where you could fill them with chocolate and lechera (heaven!). So basically we ate our way through the streets at this point lol. Well worth all the calories!! :p


We ended up walking the entire downtown strip to the other beach area called Cachet near lover's beach and the arch. It's a more touristy spot with the resorts and restaurants but it had some cool spots. We ended up just walking through the area and one of the locals suggested we check out The Office which was this adorable happening bar/restaurant. Since we weren't really hungry at this point we just grabbed a couple drinks and kept walking around. Let me tell ya.... there was this place called Mango Deck that we were walking past leaving The Office, which honestly felt a lot like those MTV Spring Break moments where there are young girls in way too revealing bikini's behaving in ways their parents probably would not be proud of LOL. As much as it was a train wreck to watch we were thoroughly entertained by the dance competition going on. It's not a place we hung out at, but it seemed to be popular for the 18-22 crowd hah. If anything else you'll get a good laugh and pure entertainment! People watching is always fun am I right? We ended up at Cachet Beach Club restaurant which was seriously beautiful! I wish I took pictures. That night they had live music, great scenic beach views and a little fire pit you could hang out by. It's definitely more fancy than some of the other spots and they had amazing small bites and margaritas! We ended the night there and just ended up back at the Villa and hung out at home the rest of the night and enjoyed late night swimming. 

Seriously this was one of the more chill vacations I have had in awhile, but it was an amazing time. Cabo truly is just a go with the flow type of place and I loved it. I did a lot of laughing, tanning, and eating as you can tell lol. It was awesome to disconnect from the world for a week with some of my close friends. I can't wait until we start planning our next trip, & there is a whole lot more I want to share about this trip, It's another long detailed post so I am going to save it for the next one. Stay tuned and thanks for reading! Questions? Comment below!