Maui part 1

Okay so I can't believe it's been a month since we went to Maui. Time has flown by and I suck at getting updates quicker ,but hey i'm doing it. Our trip was absolutely amazing and much needed! 

The first day we arrived around 10 AM to a gloomy island which I thought was going to be the whole trip, but Maui weather is so weird because it'll be rainy and gloomy one second, then super sunny and burning hot the next. I was glad to get the sunshine though! We were staying in an airbnb in Makawao so after getting the rental car we headed that way. Our bnb was this adorable studio with its own meditation room (I was in love). Our hosts were Rita and Neil (Studio Ohana on Airbnb) who were so gracious and kind. They had a lot of great suggestions for stuff to do, places to eat, and even gave us money credit to a local coffee shop. Such kind people! If you are ever in Maui you should stay at their place. 

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 Our first stop after settling in was Paia Fish Market to get some tasty fish tacos. Seriously the best ones I have ever had! The location was in Paia town which is honestly where we spent the most time. It was a really cute small town not far from Makawao where we were staying. It had so many local boutique's, bars, and restaurant. Also where I got my tattoo :P but more on that later. 


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 One of my bucket list items for this trip was to see the sea turtles aka as Honu on the island so we headed to Hookipa beach lookout where they all gather to sleep. It was so crazy! Well for not being a local I thought it was the coolest thing ever. They're sooo cute. I'm not sure as to why I find them so fascinating because they don't do anything haha, but I could sit there all day watching them. It was very peaceful and the views were gorgeous. We didn't do too much after because jet lag honestly started to creep up on us, so we just chilled at the airbnb and rested for the next day. 

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Day two was a super touristy day for us.  We headed to Wailuku to visit the aquarium (we really love them!) and explore that side of the island. To be honest I was a little disappointed in the aquarium (Monterey is better) but it's good if you have little ones. There wasn't too much to see but the turtle exhibit was my favorite part. 

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We ventured a little further west of the island towards Lahaina and Kaanapali which are major tourisity areas but they were cool. We stopped to eat at this place my aunt suggested called Aloha Mixed Plates. Danny naturally got a loco moco, I got a meat mixed plate which consisted of shoyu chicken, teriyaki beef and grilled kalbi ribs - sooo tasty! We enjoyed more pretty ocean views and some refreshing POG juice while there as well. I would definitely suggest it if you were in the area. 

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Afterwards we went to the Whalers Village near one of the resorts and walked around the shops and grabbed an affogato at Island Vintage Coffee. O.M.G. SO GOOD! It was a Kona coffee blend with vanilla ice cream, caramel drizzle, and sea salt. 

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We ended our day with some beach time at Papalaua beach to enjoy the sunset and perfect weather. I still can't get over how pretty the water is there. It's so clear and warm! I wish I could find that here in California, but not likely haha and everything is stinky with kelp :P Afterwards we headed back towards Paia town to meet with one of our friends and my lovely sorority sister Kim at this place called Flatbread company. It was a local spot, and all the ingredients are sourced locally which was something I noticed at a lot of spots on the island. I loved it since I have been on a major health change lately. We ordered the moxie pizza which is basically cheese and kalua pork. Another amazing meal choice there! We spent a good couple hours just talking and catching up. Kim had some interesting stories about island life and the spiritual energy around Hana. It was definitely nice to see her again! 

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Our next couple days were spent entirely at the beaches in the Wailea area. Probably my favorite part of the island because it had amazing shops, beaches, and just real estate to die for. We did a lot of reading and snacking haha. Probably our most relaxing days there and I wish I could go back to that life already! I fell in love with this home good store called Soha Living at the Wailea shops too which you should all check out! It's the cutest.  

Anyways, not much else those first few days and for the sake of post length i'll stop here. Check out my next post for the rest of our trip!