A day in the life of Shay

What's up friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to December. Piggy backing off my last post it's a new moon cycle! I hope you had the chance to soak in all the vibes with this last full moon of the year! In case you are wondering what the heck that means visit my favorite spiritual blogger Jordan here at the Balanced Blonde! She has all sorts of info and her newsletter Spirit Juice is always chalk full of info on the moon and all things happening in the cosmos and how it affects us. She is amazing and one of the people I have been learning from so much lately. Oh and SURPRISE she followed me on instagram the other day!!! O M G - I just about lost it with excitement!! She's such a beautiful soul and I wanted to share her page with you all :) 

Anyways.... lately I have received a lot of questions about how I balance my days out with my busy schedule and how do I make it all happen. If you don't know me, I much like many of you have a wide array of interest and passion for things. Which is how I have ended up with uhmm 3 jobs, and sometimes 4 depending on the month haha. However they all have a purpose in my life right now and as crazy as my schedule can be I love every moment of what I do. So what do I do? Well my main job is Nespresso as part of the management team and training, I nanny the most adorable sassy 2 year old, and i'm a Pure Barre teacher (as posted about here), also when I get the chance to dive in I am a consultant for Beautycounter. I dedicate 40 hours a week to Nespresso, about 4-5 with Pure Barre, and 6-12 with nannying. Which makes majority of my days full from start to finish with the occasional free day on Fridays (where I catch up and do me). Believe it or not I actually feel like I have more free time in the last 6 months than I did before. I have truly learned to take me time every week as I have expressed in previous posts, and that's made a world of a difference in my mood and energy. I have learned to say no when I don't want to go out instead of being peer pressured while still maintaining a healthy social life (however I am so a home body haha).  

BUT what I want to talk about in this post are all the companies I use every week that help me survive. They all allow me to eat whole nutritious food, and my next post will focus more on the supplements I take to help me make some amazing coffee or matcha concoctions to boost my mornings. I have had some of you ask about that too so don't worry i'll get there! To give you a snapshot of how I build my week I will start with my Sundays. I typically am home earlier after work and use this night to prep for the week. I have learned the hard way that prepping is necessary and staying ahead is what starts your week right! I use Sunbasket meal deliveries that I typically get mid week and store in the fridge to cook over the weekend. Since it's just me these meals feed me for dinner pretty much the whole week. Each meal is made for two people though. I love Sunbasket because they have gluten free options, paleo meals, and just all around healthy ingredients + fresh organic veggies and grass-fed meats. It allows you to eat the best for your body without totally breaking the bank. They are always changing up their menu too!! I love being able to choose from what they offer and keep my food choices fun from week to week. I typically cook whatever that last meal is from my weeks delivery so that I have it for dinner Monday and Tuesday night.

As for lunch during the week I use Freshly. These are all fresh pre-cooked meals that come ready to heat and eat! Sort of like frozen meals from the grocery store but so much healthier. They build each meal with some sort of protein + veggie (they have 100% veggie options too) and also always changing their menu to allow you to choose from a variety each week. One of my favorite paleo bloggers Cassy from Fed & Fit is how I discovered the company, she had one of her recipes made into a meal you can get! They also have options for food intolerances if you're pretty strict eater or need to be a little more mindful of what you have. Personally I do try to eat mostly paleo because I have a lot of food intolerances myself, buttttt I won't lie their grilled herb chicken and risotto is my FAVORITE meal. I get that twice for the week :P

Between these two companies I am able to have 12 meals I don't need to think about for the week, just either cut and cook or heat and eat. It's seriously the best! Most days I am out the door by 6:30/7 and not returning until about 8 or 9 p.m. it's a life saver. I highly suggest trying them out if you like me don't want the last thing of your day to be grocery shopping and or don't have time to do it but want healthy meals. If you click the links it'll take you directly to the sites and get you a small deal to try them out! :) 

Okay so what about snacks right? I don't know about you guys butttt I love snacking. I know they say if you eat a large enough meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner you don't need them, but I love food and I am a snacks person. I use Thrive Market and think it's 100% worth signing up for. It's like amazon prime meets costco for health foods. They carry brands like Siete, Bob's Red Mill, Larabar, GoMacro, Navitas Naturals, GoRaw, RXbars, EPIC, and so much more! I know I typically like to pack a bar and a sweet treat for my days. I try my best to limit my sugar intake for the day so when I can opt for a piece of Heavenly Organics dark chocolate or Eating Evolved coconut cups instead of snickers or something. This way I am eating a sweet treat that has great ingredients and won't make my glucose levels spike. As much as I love me some treats I really can't do the crashes of energy. I have reached a point where if I indulge too much on "bad" sugar then I feel fatigued to the point I just am miserable throughout  my day. So I buy a bulk order from Thrive at the beginning of the month to stock up on everything I will be eating as snacks for the month. Typically my cart contains their coconut wraps with turmeric (I use for breakfast wraps), Navitas Naturals Cacao Goji power snack, Siete chili and lime tortilla chips (grain and gluten free for those of you that need a wonderful replacement to regular tortilla chips), Wild Planet Tuna, Crunchmaster crackers, Simply mills almond flour choco chip cookies and pumpkin bread mix, heavenly organics mint chocolate patties (like a healthy peppermint patty by york), primal palate mayo with avocado oil, and larabars superfood kale and coconut or fruits and green bars. Those are typically my go to almost every month. I loveeee the larabar kale and coconut bars, they are so good for whats in the them and before I go to a Pure Barre I always eat one to hold me over until I can eat breakfast. If you click my thrive market link it'll take you to the sign up page and you'll receive a small discount there too! Enjoy! Let me know what you guys think and what you get in the comments below. 


I hope you guys try these three companies out, they are totally worth it in my opinion of a busy lifestyle. They've made my weeks and days easier and I am so happy we live in a time we can get services like this. Food is such an important part of our days and the easier it is to eat cleaner the better you feel and who doesn't want that? Anyways, happy Monday friends and let me know what you all think!